Good Evening and thank you to everyone for being here today. To the wonderful Board members of Minority Access to Capital, Inc., thank you for receiving and supporting my vision for this organization. To the brave advisory board members, both potential and those already on board, we are excited about your presence here and in the future and your involvement and advise in the future. There is much work to do---but with your guidance we understand that 2017 will be an amazing year for MATC. And finally to the members and potential members gathered here today, on behalf of all Board members of MATC, we could not and cannot continue to further our mission without you so thank you for your support.


Minority Access to Capital has a distinct mission: To EDUCATE and EMPOWER our business community, especially women and racial minorities, about how to access capital to grow their business and create generational wealth by EXPOSING them to sustainable resources, programs, and experiences. This is our first State of MATC---and throughout this presentation you will hear many surprising and many not so surprising statistics about the state of minorities and their access to capital. But you will also hear solutions and the vision the Board has come up with after 2 days of isolated and truthful conversations during our strategic planning meetings. Our internal Board motto is "We can and we will." But we need your help--each one of you to make this happen. We encourage every woman and every minority to #BeInTheRoom and #BeAtTheTable to be able to access the over $2 Trillion in private capital dollars in the last 10 years and for AA specially to leverage the over $1T in spending power and for women, who have proved to be more successful in business than men, to become on par with their male counterparts in respect in their industries and access to capital resources.


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