What To Do With Your Dollars to Make Real Change

We can create change by voting and advocating with our dollars 

There is $1.3 trillion dollars in African American spending power. Let me say that again—$1.3 TRILLION in spending power—based on Nielsen’s African Americans are More Relevant Than Ever report projection of African American spending power in the United States this year.  That’s a lot of power for the over 42 million African Americans in the United States. We aren’t fully using that power but the time to start is now!




African American Spending Power in Perspective


Let me put this $1.3 trillion dollars in perspective: This is around the same amount of the United States defense budget for two years. Additionally, $1.3 trillion is more than over half of U.S. states’ budgets combined I don’t know about you, but that’s a LOT of power and dollars. Therefore, it’s time to start using those $1.3 trillion dollars to make some sense for our community, the outcomes of which could be social and economic justice.

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